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Advanced Research,  Development  & Information Centre (ARDIC)


Advanced Research,Development and Information Centre  (ARDIC) previosly called Advanced Armour Systems Research Development Integration & Information Centre (AARDIC), (renamed vide Minutes of HIT Board - 27th May 2015) is the center of excellence for advance systems to handle future challenges of manufacturing and applied Research and Development (R&D).


Research, Design and integrate Advance Armour Systems.

Support indigenous development/production of High-Tech systems to achieve deletion of assemblies and stand alone systems through R&D, Reverse Engineering & Re-Engineering, using in-house capabilities and collaboration with local/foreign industrial setups.

Act as resource centre for HIT technical requirements beyond factory level.

Major Objectives:

Carry out R&D in the field of advance armour systems.

Carry out prototype manufacture to support R&D effort and also support the factories in manufacture of complex parts/systems.

To design and develop futuristic armour systems and technologies.

Carry out local development of high value systems.

Support Tank and Armoured Personal Carrier (APC) rebuild mission of HIT in the field of following Advanced Armour Systems:-

Fire Control System (FCS) / Gun Control System (GCS), Thermal Imager (TI) / Night Vision Devices (NVDs).

Mechatronics systems.

Hydraulic systems.


Electronics & Electrical sub systems.

Auxiliary systems (Nuclear Biological and Chemical (NBC), Fire Extinguishing Suppression System (FESS),  Auxiliary Power Unit (APU), Communication).

Support HIT in Integration & Standardization of Advance Armour Systems.

Research Facilities:

Design Sec: We are equipped with state of the art facilities for engineering analysis of components and assemblies, using CAD tools such as PRO-E, MATLAB, RECURDYN, AUTO CAD etc. The section also generates CAD models for rapid prototyping machines.

Mechanical System: Variety of mechanical system functions are performed and tested along with, ballistic testing of bullet resistant glasses, armour plates, Spall  liners and template making etc.

Rapid Prototype Lab (RP): Through RP we generate high quality physical scaled model/prototype out of existing complex CAD data and verify its function/fitment. Produce PRO-E CAD data (through laser scanning) of existing parts/assemblies for further prototyping.

Electronics: (Fire Control System/Gun Control System) facilities.

Printed Circuit Board (PCB): Undertake PCB designing, prototyping and Reverse Engineering, trouble shooting and fault analysis of PCBs.

Surface Mount Technology (SMT): Through this technology components are mounted directly onto the surface of Printed Circuit Board (PCB). It has largely replaced through-hole tech of fitting components with wire leads into holes in circuit board.

Material & Metal Casting:  Facility of material specifications/composition analysis is being provided spectrometer, ultrasonic flaw detector, roughness tester and portable hardness tester. Sophisticated objects having intricate design are being produced through vacuum investment casting system.

Reverse Engineering (RE):  Reverse engineering of different components/assemblies /systems of Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFVs) is performed to understand technological principles through analysis of its structure, function and operation.


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