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The Development, Engineering Support and Components Manufacturing Project commonly known as  "DESCOM", provides general engineering support to all  factories of HIT, engaged in rebuild and manufacture of Tanks, Armored Personal Carriers, Armored Recovery Vehicles and Guns. This Hi-tech organization, equipped with CNC machines a standard laboratory and material testing equipment is the backbone of HIT and encompasses following:- 

In-house manufacture and specialized  treatment of components and spare parts with stringent quality control measures.

Development of components, spare parts and various assemblies through vendor industry.

Design and manufacture of tools, dies, gauges, jigs and fixtures.

Repair and maintenance of equipment and machinery installed in HIT.


DESCOM is well equipped with versatile manufacturing facilities to produce components within very close tolerance for sister factories of HIT. Some Spare capacity available for manufacturing  of  components is also meeting the  requirement of private sector. The facilities available are:-



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