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  HRF (T) rebuilds, upgrades and modernizes Armoured Vehicles of  Russian / Chinese origin.


      HRF (T) has always played a pivotal role in providing technical support to Pakistan Army for the last many decades. In view of the technical and professional skills of its qualified and dedicated manpower HRF (T) had the unique honour of transforming the originally established set up into a number of rebuild, manufacture and development enterprises. Resultantly HRF (T) became the mother project to serve as the foundation stone for the establishment of Heavy Industries Taxila. HRF (T) over the years has enriched itself with the technical skills which are evident from the versatility of its products being produced for its users. The latest product to roll out is tank Al-Zarrar. HRF (T) supports the Pakistan's Armoured Formations technically and on ground in the field and at the base repair level.


         It is designed to rebuild and modernize tanks/ARV's of Chinese/East European origin With its vast experience and expertise, the factory has contributed immensely in achieving self-reliance with high quality and cost effective products exceeding productivity beyond its designed capacity.



We are offering three types of products:

1.   Defence Products

2.   Commercial Products

3.   Joint Venture Products

Defence Products



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