Strength Through Self Reliance


Significance of tree plantation has been stressed upon time and again and it cant be over emphasized. Not only do trees have a visual quality but they also give us Oxygen, store Carbon, stabilize the soil and give life to the Wildlife. Unfortunately, Pakistan is among the countries that are facing alarming deforestation rate. Between 1990 to 2005, Pakistan lost 24.7 % of its forest cover or around 625,000 hectares. Hence, ecological and environmental degeneration being experienced in most parts of Pakistan, warrants afforestation emergency. Realizing the need, HIT, under the direction of Chairman, embarked upon a massive plantation campaign in both Spring and Monsoon seasons of 2018. Vision of Chairman and broad outline is covered in ensuing paras.

Chairman HITBs Vision

As a National Cause, Chairman HITB took the energizing initiative at the start of 2018 and directed to plant as many trees in HIT/Taxila area and surrounding Margalla Hills as possible. He emphasized the plantation of right kind of saplings suiting to soil strata using modern water conserving techniques such as Pitcher irrigation planting. Allied institution of HIT including HITEC and IMS be also fully incorporated in awareness campaign. The targets set forth were :-
A comprehensive plantation plan was made and presented to Chairman who approved the plan and directed to ensure the maximum survival.

Spring Plantation 2018 (Mid Feb - April)

a. Fruit Trees : 4000
b. Forest Trees : 16150
Total : 20150

Monsoon Plantation (Mid July – Aug)

a. Fruit Trees : 9160
b. Forest Trees : 92000
Total : 101,160

Following types of trees were planted:-
Loquat, Guava, Jaman, Kachnar, Pine, Sukh Chain, Phulai, Keekar, Shirin, Retha Pilkan, Arjun, Sapium etc

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