HITEC University
by Heavy Industries Taxila

Taxila is historically known as a learning seat with a world class University thousands of years ago. Ruins of Julian University in the close proximity of Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT) bear testimony to above mentioned fact. Today, ironically, this area is void of quality educational institutions, more so of a credible Education system. The people’s level of awareness, their approach to life and the available options for the education of their wards leave much to be desired. The need for improved education becomes even more pressing when the problem is perceived in the backdrop of the fact that this area is only a few kilometers away from the Capital the Socio-cultural metropolis of the Country. HIT houses, on its premises, quite a large community comprising the families of its Sizeable work force. The workers generally hail from poor to modest Socio-economic background mostly from Taxila and its suburbs.