Strength Through Self Reliance


Tank Manufacturing was established in Jan, 1992 with a view to create indigenous tank manufacturing capabilities in Pakistan. It consists of generic facilities i.e Hull Fabrication Shop, Turret Manufacturing Shop, Tank Assembly Shop, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Shop and Systems Integration and Calibration (SIC) Laboratory; whereas Discrete Armouring of Vehicles (DAV) Shop has been established during year, 2009.

Over the period of time the factory progressively manufactured Tanks T-69IIMP, T-85IIAP and Armoured Recovery Vehicle W-653. Presently the factory is manufacturing Tank Al-Khalid, light Armoured Personnel Carriers Mohafiz and undertaking discrete armouring of vehicles.


  • Enhanced protection against Smart Ammo and other forms of top attacks.

  • Independent and effective Comd & Con system for deeper and and long distance operations.

  • Nuclear environement sustainable operations and life support system.

  • An Iindeginously developed tank to have higher strategic and tactical and tactical mobility.

  • Capable of fighting in built up areas i.e. in urban warfare.


This is the most ambitious of the modification and up-gradation in three distinct areas i.e. mobility, fire power, and Armour protection. Mobility has been enhanced with the installation of 730 HP engine in place of 520 HP. Additional Fire Power has been achieved through 125mm smooth bore Gun and improved Fire Control System and 2nd Generation Gun Control System. Thus performance and capability of this tank has been brought to almost same as of a modern tank at a fraction of the cost of a new tank.


APC ‘TALHA’ has been designed and manufactured by APC Factory and belongs to APC M113 Family of Veh (FOV). There is a flexibility in the design that the Engine compartment can accommodate power pack with 212 HP as well as 265 HP Detroit Diesel 6V53 / T turbocharged engine. TALHA is an all terrain, amphibious infantry support vehicle with 12.7 mm machine gun as its main armament. Adequate space in crew compartment provides excellent crew comfort. Survivability is enhanced through use of external fuel tanks. Various forms of bolt-on armour can be added in increase armour protection is required for the vehicle. It can negotiate 60% gradient and 30 degree side slope.

APC Talha Standard


This variant belongs to a battle proven and reliable M113 (FOV) and has been completely designed and manufactured by APC Factory. Basic suspension and power pack is same as in APC M113. The variation is basically in size and shape that does not compromise its mobility. It can still negotiate 60% gradient with the same comparative ease and also retain its amphibious capability, hence making it an effective Command Post that can be used in any operation of war.


Logistic Vehicle with a stretched hull is one such derivative of M113 (FOV) which would significantly enhance logistic compatibility with operation echelons. The Logistic Vehicle designed and manufactured at HIT and is characterized by unique features. It is light weight with armour protection for crew and resembles a flat bed truck in both appearance and application. It uses the M113P power plant, track and suspension to ensure commonality. The Logistic Vehicle can be used for carrying of POL, rations, ammunition and supplies across all types of terrain. The cargo compartment which can carry a load upto 6 tons can be protected with a tarpaulin cover. The vehicle platform can also be used for other adaptations such as weapon station, missile launcher, radar, TCV, ambulance, maintenance vehicle etc.


The Armoured Recovery Vehicle is tracked APC of M113 (FOV) with 6 rd wheels that has been modified on mil std by installing a 3 ton crane which can lift and place heavy loads. It has a hydraulic winch assembly for retrieving disabled tracked and wheeled military vehicles upto 20 ton (GVW). Crew compartment has been instl with Lathe machine, Drill machine & Welding Plant etc thus a mini workshop has been provided inside this ARV, so that it can undertake repair on site.



GUN Factory has the capability of producing barrels ranging from 105mm to 203mm caliber. It has a long standing experience in manufacture of 105mm Gun barrel for upgraded T-59 & T-69 II MP tanks and 125mm Guns / Barrels for the ongoing programmes of Tank Al-Khalid and Al-Zarrar. The autofrettaged barrels are manufactured from very high quality Electro Slag Refined Steel.



SP Gun Rebuilt at HRF(M) is a symbol of pride, technological advancement and landmark in the achievement of self reliance. The SP Gun is rebuilt to the OEM’s specifications and parameters through state of the art rebuilt facilities, machinery/equipment, test benches, optimum quality standards and dedication of the professional work force. Most economical rebuild is achieved through maximum reclamation, engineering management and computerized `inventory.



APC rebuilt at HRF (M) is a symbol of quality and skill par excellence. Complete rebuild of APCs back to its original manufacturer’s specifications entails elaborate rebuild facilities, professionalism and highest quality standards which have been achieved with the help of sophisticated machinery, skilled manpower and latest test equipment / procedures. Most economical rebuild is accomplished through macro reclamation, sound engineering management systems and computerized inventory control. The quality product rolled out is comparable with brand new APCs.

Heavy Industries Taxila