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ARDIC Advance Research Development & Information Center

  • Research, Develop & Integrate Advance Armour System, and Support Indigenous Development / production of high tech systems.
  • Deletion of Components and imported assemblies through R & D and reverse engineering with in-house manufacture and in collaboration with local / foreign industrial setup.
  • Carry out R & D in the field of Advance Armour Systems.

Design Section

Design Section ARDIC has the capabilities to design, analyze and validate engineering designs, simulation of new concepts and ideas or existing design (Static and Dynamic), analysis of components, assemblies or overall product using CAD tools such as AutoCAD, CREO, ANSYS etc. Design section Ardic can be approached for design of components from scratch that could be either manufactured in house or outside HIT. Approximate cost of component design in ARDIC is Rs. 1,726 depending upon complexity of parts and assemblies.

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Materials Testing Lab (MTL)

Materials Testing Lab is equipped with spectrometer having 29 software programs for ferrous and non-ferrous materials which gives quick and accurate results with greater investigative flexibility and improved analytical performance. Approximate cost of chemical analysis / material characterization through spectrometer is Rs. 3,956

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Materials Casting Lab (MCL)

Materials Casting Lab has state of art vacuum casting facility for aluminum, copper and polymers. This casting technology is developed for the production of comparatively complex parts. As the production time is relatively short compared to conventional methods, it is being applied more for rapid prototyping having very good surface quality. Approximate cost of mold/die for casting is 32/gm, finashed product of polymer casting is Rs. 72/gm, Rs. 259/gm for aluminum casting and Rs. 288/gm for copper casting.

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Rapid Prototyping lab

Faro Arm: Rapid Prototyping lab is equipped with the faro laser scan arm enables to inspect parts in detail by capturing huge point-cloud data. Its open architecture enables the user to employ other third-party software programs for reverse engineering. Scanning at over 23,000 points per second makes it a powerful tool in scanning. FARO Arm offers 0.030 mm in single point and 0.043 mm in volumetric measurements. Approximate cost of component scanning / probe measurement is Rs. 4,934 per hour.

Fused Deposition Machine (FDM): FDM creates solid models directly from 3d cad files (STL) using materials like abs, Plastic & Polycarbonate. Rp machines are ideal for creating real parts for concept modeling by prototyping through direct digital manufacturing. Real parts with complex geometries can be easily manufactured that are strong enough for functional testing and end use. Max build envelope volume 16 x 14 x 16 inches. Approximate cost of component scanning / prob measurement is Rs. 4,099 / in3

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Mechanical System Lab

Ballistic Testing:Mechanical System Lab conducts ballistic resistance tests of Transparent Armor (TA), Body Armor and Armored plates for different protection levels according to international standards (ATPD 2352, NIJ, EN 1063 etc.). Light transmissibility test of transparent armors used in ground military vehicles is also carried out by digital light meter prior to ballistic test to check glass clarity. Approximate cost of ballistic testing for armored plate is Rs. 20,000 / sample and for glass is Rs. 34,000 / sample and approximate cost of light transmissibility test of glass is Rs. 300 / Sample.

Fatigue Testing:Fatigue testing machine is also available with MSL for studying the effect of cyclic loading on different materials by using a predefined rotating cantilever specimen. Load is applied on the spindle produces bending stresses on specimen and digital revolution counter keeps account of the number of revolutions when failure occurs. A limit switch is provided for safety to stop the rotation when specimen fails.Approximate cost of fatigue testing of prepared sample is Rs. 500/sample and for unprepared sample the cost of preparation of sample on CNC machine will be added that is approximately Rs. 3,000 / Sample.

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Current machining requirements are getting complex as the parts /components are getting sophisticated in design. Precision, quality and uniformity in products have become the customer’s demand. To achieve this goal, ARDIC has a state of the art CNC machining facility equipped with 4-axis vertical machining center(VMC 1000 XP3 Bridgeport), which has the following capacity:

  • X-Axis Travel: 1150mm
  • Z-Axis Travel: 610mm
  • Y-Axis Travel: 610mm
  • 4-Axis Rotation: 360°

Approximate cost of component developed in ARDIC starts from Rs. 3,452/sample. However, the final cost of machining of the components dependsupon complexity of parts, operational time of machine, material hardness and other material characteristics.

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Reverse Engineering Lab

The lab is responsible for reverse engineering and troubleshooting of electronic/electrical assys using state of the art testing equipments. The lab is also equipped with digital velocity meters to measure velocities of small Arms ammo. Also, High speed Camera (Vision Research) with 4000 tps @HD resolution 1280x720 and 610000 PS@ (128x8) resolution is available to capture slow motion videos of High moving objects. ARDIC can be approached for recording of velocities of small arms ammo approx cost per day trial is 2000 with in HIT premises and 2500 out side HIT excluding travelling charges. Similarly, approximate cost for recording of videos high speed camera is 15612 per day within HIT premises and approx 10000 per day outside HIT excluding traversing/transportation charges.

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ARDIC is equipped with state of the art setup for PCB fabrication PROTOMAT H-100 available in ARDIC alongwith the master cam and board master software is used for fabrication of PCBs. It uses Gerber file generated from PCB designing software (Altium or proteus) to manufacture PCBs. Cost of PCB fabrication is Rs. 575 per square inch for single sided PCB and Rs. 662 per square inch for double sided PCB.

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ARDIC is equipped with SMT Pick & Place machine including Solder Pasting machine and Reflow Oven. Pick & Place file of Gerber data will be used to assemble SMT PCB. Approx cost of assembling is Rs. 600 to Rs. 700 per square inch for single sided PCB and Rs. 1,100 to Rs. 1,600 for double sided PCB.

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PCB lab is equipped with state of the art equipment for analysis, diagnostics/trouble shooting of PCBs. The equipment includes logic analyzer for testing of digital ICs, pinpoint-II for trouble shooting of PCBs and polar fault locator for IC testing. Reverse engineering of PCBs is also undertaken when repair is uneconomical or non-feasible. PCB lab also has the capability to design multilayered PCBs using state of the art PCB designing softwares and generate fabrication data in form of Gerber files for fabrication of PCBs. Starting cost of IC testing (DIPICs) is Rs. 129 per IC. Starting cost of PCB designing including generation of Gerber file is Rs. 259 per square inch for single sided PCB and Rs. 388 for double sided PCB

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DESCOM Tools Manufacturing Facility

DESCOM has established itself as the premium tooling supplier for both quality and innovation for the last 27 years. DESCOM excels in the market by offering not only the best quality product but also the widest range in tooling.
DESCOM cutting geometries are optimized to achieve high metal removal rates and long life in universal applications. Versatile tools designed for high performance and secure machining in a variety of materials applications component size and shapes allow high efficiency and production rate. Intensive research and development activities which precisely match your requirements and work processes are able to provide the solutions for tomorrow.
DESCOM maintains absolute control over every aspect of its manufacturing capabilities. DESCOM products are produced in-house from creation of tool geometry to the development of our own proprietary coatings – the vital elements in the manufacturing of superior cutting tools.
For variable production you need tools with highest precision, robustness and versatility. If your required product solution is not within our standard assortment, we have the expertise to individually engineer, design and manufacture customized product that meets your specific application demands. DESCOM offer tools meeting international tools quality, free replacement & demo on its site.
DESCOM offers following tools
End Mills,
Conventional Tools

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Ballistic Effect Testing Lab (BETL)

BETL recently commissioned to authenticate full range of armored products including Bullet Proof Jackets, Helmets, Transparent Armor, Armor Steel / alloys and Run Flat Tires etc. Test facility is fully equipped to conduct ballistic testing of following:

  • Body Armor /Bullet Proof Jackets (NIJ 0101.06) Up to Level IV
  • NIJ Standard for Ballistic Helmets (NIJ 0106.01)
  • Stab Resistance of Personal Body Armor (NIJ 0115.00) Up to Level 3
  • Base materials including armor steel, aluminum alloy, ceramics transparent armor as per EN 1063/1522/23 up to level 7
  • Protection Levels for Occupants (STANAG 4569) up to Level 4 (Kinetic Energy)
  • Penetration trial of combat tyre
  • Ballistic test of civilian armored vehicle (EN PAS 300) up to level BA-P
  • Ballistic testing of all calibers up to 14.5x114 mm
  • Other facilities include
    • Charge adjustment
    • Ballistic Limit / V50
    • High / low temperature conditioning
    • Tumbling
    • Rate of fire

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