Strength Through Self Reliance

Support Facilities


DESCOM Factory is the backbone Engineering support facility for all factories of HIT engaged in new manufacture and rebuild of Tanks, ARVS, APCs and Guns equipped with high-tech CNC machines, a standard laboratory and materials testing equipment. A cluster of 500 local firms has also been engaged in development of parts through vendor industry and exploitation of indigenous potential. Provision of repair and maintenance support of machines and equipment installed with HIT also falls within the preview of DESCOM.


  • Research, Develop & Integrate Advance Armour System, and Support Indigenous Development / production of high tech systems.
  • Deletion of Components and imported assemblies through R & D and reverse engineering with in-house manufacture and in collaboration with local / foreign industrial setup.
  • Carry out R & D in the field of Advance Armour Systems.
Heavy Industries Taxila