Strength Through Self Reliance

Manufacturing Factories

Tank Manufacturing Factory

A modern outfit with latest Tank manufacturing facilities which includes seven axis CNC machines for heavy duty flexible machining operations and a complete infrastructure for hull and turret manufacture. Factory has successfully manufactured tanks Al-Khalid, T85, T69 and ARVs.

APC Manufacturing Factory

The most famous M113 Family of Vehicles are manufactured in this factory using state of the art CNC machines, CAD/CAM system and manufacturing technology unique in the world on MIG and TIG aluminum welding, radiographic inspection, chemical cleaning, coating and painting according to military specifications.

GUN Manufacturing Factory

GUN Factory has the capability of producing barrels ranging from 105mm to 203mm caliber. It has a long standing experience in manufacture of 105mm Gun barrel for upgraded T-59 & T-69 II MP tanks and 125mm Guns / Barrels for the ongoing programmes of Tank Al-Khalid and Al-Zarrar. The autofrettaged barrels are manufactured from very high quality Electro Slag Refined Steel.

Heavy Industries Taxila