Strength Through Self Reliance

Rebuild Factories

Heavy Rebuild Factory (T-Series)

It is designed to rebuild and modernize Tanks / ARVs of Chinese / East European origin. With its vast experience and expertise, factory has contributed immensely in achieving self-reliance with high quality and cost effective products exceeding productivity beyond its designed capacity.

Heavy Rebuild Factory (M-Series)

Heavy Rebuild Factory (M-Series) was established in 1987 to rebuild tracked vehicles of US origin held by Pakistan Army. In pursuance of its Motto “Strength Through Self Reliance”, the factory is organized and equipped to rebuild M-Series SP Guns and APCs to meet operational requirements of Pakistan Army. The factory also extends its services to rebuild and repair APCs held by Law Enforcement Agencies of Pakistan including Punjab and Sindh Police.


Support Tanks & APC rebuild mission of HIT in the field of following Advanced Armour Systems:

  • Fire Control System / Gun Control System (FCS/GCS).
  • Hydraulic Systems.
  • Electronics and Electrical Sub Systems.
  • Auxiliary Systems (NBC, FESS, APU, COMM).
  • Mechatronics System.
  • Optronics TI/NVDs.
Heavy Industries Taxila