Strength Through Self Reliance

Visit of President Defence Industries Commission of Iraq to HIT on 14th September, 2022
Visit of Deputy Chief of Defence Staff of Gambia to HIT on 26th August, 2022
Visit of Sudan Staff Talks Delegation to HIT on 19th August, 2022
Visit of Student Offrs from NIMS Lahore to HIT on 18th August, 2022
Visit of IG Arms to HIT on 16th August, 2022
Visit of Iraqi Delegation to HIT on 11th August, 2022
Visit of Commander of Hungarian Defence Forces to HIT on 5th August, 2022
Visit of Student Offrs from Shool of Arty Nsr to HIT on 2nd,August 2022
Visit Federal Minister for Defence Production to HIT on 28th July, 2022
Visit of Saudi Arabian Military Industry (SAMI) Delegation to HIT on 21st & 22nd July,2022
Visit of CJCSC to HIT on 23rd June,2022
Visit of Offrs SA& MW, Nowshera to HIT on 15th June,2022
Visit of Designated of Defence, Naval, Air Attaches to HIT on 1st June ,2022
Visit of Advisor to DG NIA, Nigeria to HIT on 1st June,2022
Visit of Uzbekistan Delegation to HIT on 24th May,2022
Visit of Chief of Defense Staff of Nigerian Armed Forces to HIT on 22nd April,2022
Visit of Secretary MODP to HIT on 21st April,2022
Visit of NCA Team to HIT on 25th March,2022
White Coat Ceremony - HITEC IMS on 15th Mar,2022
Visit of MD Kci Shipyard & Engr Works to HIT on 17th Feb, 2022
Visit of MCC, School Of Arty to HIT on 15th Feb, 2022
Visit of FST Egyptian Naseer High Mil Academy to HIT on 1st Feb, 2022
Visit of Chief of Land Forces Congo to HIT on 13th Jan, 2022
Visit of Saudi C&SC to HIT on 12th Jan, 2022
Visit of CGS Turkish Land Forces to HIT 29 Dec 2021
Chairman Address to HIT Employees on 7th Dec, 2021
Visit of Bahrain National Guard (BNG) Delegation to HIT on 30th Nov, 2021
Visit of Italian Defence Delegation to HIT on 25th Nov, 2021
Visit of COAS to HIT on 9th Nov,2021
Visit of Senior officers Leadership Course (SOLC-7) to HIT on 28th Oct,2021
Visit of CGS of Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran to HIT on 14th Oct,2021
Visit of Student Officers from SA & MW, NSR to HIT on 30th Sep,2021
Visit of Foreign Service Officers from Foreign Service Academy, Islamabad to HIT on 30th Sep,2021
Visit of Nigerian Staff Talks Delegation to HIT on 29th Sep,2021
Visit of ASL, Sri Lanka to HIT on 29th Sep,2021
Visit of DG DEPO & DG MP to HIT on 24th Sep,2021
Visit to HIT by CLS on 22st Sep,2021
Visit to HIT by FCCs on 21st Sep,2021
Golden Jubilee Celebrations on 14th July,2021
Visit of Chief of Defence Forces of Kenya to HIT on 24th June, 2021
Visit of Nigerian Special Forces Delegation to HIT on 7th June, 2021
Visit of Foreign Study Tour Egyptian Nasser High Mil Academy Delegation to HIT on 1st April, 2021
Visit of Nepal Army comd & Staff College delegation FST to HIT on 15th March,2021
White Coat Ceremony - 2021 HITEC-IMS on 12th March, 2021
Pakistani Ambassador to Uzbekistan Visited HIT on 8th March, 2021
Visit Envoy Conf with Ambassadors of CARs based in Isb Delegation to HIT on 8th March, 2021
Visit of Commander of Qatari Emiri Land Forces, Qatar Delegation to HIT on 2nd March,2021
Visit of Iraqi Delegation to HIT on 25th Feb,2021
Chairman HIT Address to Employees on 18th Feb,2021
Visit of Student Officers from NDU, Islamabad to HIT on 18th Feb,2021
Visit of Ukrainian Delegation to HIT on 16th Feb,2021
Visit of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ICCI) delegation to HIT on 9th Feb,2021
Inauguration of Coffee Castle on 8th Feb,2021
Visit of Additional Secretary MoDP to HIT on 5th Jan,2021
Visit of Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry Delegation to HIT on 17th Dec,2020
Visit of Senior Officers Leadership Course (SOLC)-6 5th Nov,2020
Visit of African Ambassadors DAs African Mission based in Islamabad on 19th Oct,2020
Seminar on Procurement & Contract Management 22-25 Sep,2020
Visit of Senator Noman Wazir and Industrialists On 24th Sep,2020
Visit of DG USE on 4th Sep,2020
ASMF Visit To HIT on 3rd Sep,2020
Chairman's address to HIT Employees on 2nd Sep,2020
DG RD&E visited HIT on 26th Aug,2020
Iraqi Ambassador Visited HIT On 18th Aug , 2020
Secretary MoDP Visited HIT on 6th Aug, 2020
Roll Out Ceremony of Tank AlKhalid-I on 28th July, 2020
Chairmain Visited Various Setups of HIT
Additional Secretary MODP Visited HIT On 8th July, 2020
CGS Visited HIT On 2nd July, 2020
Chairman HIT Visited HITEC On 4th, June 2020
COAS visited HIT on 21st Aug,2019
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