Strength Through Self Reliance


Lt. Gen Shakir Ullah Khattak, HI(M)

        HIT is Part of Pakistan’s premier Defence Industry which was established in early 70s with an objective of rebuilding the existing tanks. Over the last four decades it has evolved into a large Military Industrial base and currently involved in manufacturing and rebuild of hi-tech equipment like Tanks, APCs, Guns and other security related equipment including security vehicles. Presently it comprises of Six production units, an in-house development and component manufacturing facility and a leading Research and Development Center.

        Tremendous efforts are being undertaken to achieve our Motto, “Strength Through Self Reliance”, by investing in Human Resource and Infra Structural developments. We pay special attention to quality assurance and absorption of modern technology through innovation and robust Research and Development process.

        We also take pride in our international collaboration with some of the leading countries around the globe.

        Tank Al-Khalid, The Pride of Pakistan , is our flagship product which is recognized worldwide and forms the back bone of Pakistan Army’s mechanised force. Besides tanks our product range is comprehensively depicted on our website. Objectives of HIT are summarized as:-

  • Manufacture, Rebuild, upgrade & develop Tanks, Tank Guns, APC’s & other related equipment.

  • Utilize surplus capacity of factories to meet the requirements of civil sector & friendly countries.

  • Undertake joint ventures & commercial activities with friendly countries and encourage transfer of technology.

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